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About Us

MyMoneyManaged is a re-developed and re-branded version MyFinanceX.

How It Begins

MyFinanceX started as a personal project by its founder and main-developer. As many person who inspires to have a better managed financial life, he started with just a simple excel spreadsheet to record all his daily expenses. However, the many limitations of the excel spreadsheet forces him to search online for better alternatives. When he couldn't find any online money managing system that is suitable for his needs and simple enough to be used daily, he decided to to start developing his own system.

At first, the system was developed for his own personal use. But after encouragement from families and friends who thinks that the system will benefit others, he started to enhance the system and tried to make it as user friendly to as many people as possible. In 2008, with limited funding from families and friends, and help from freelancers he established a micro ISV company to develop and manage the system, which was named MyFinanceX. The team is based in Malaysia. Since then, MyFinanceX has been enhanced a couple of times, mainly to fix bugs and incorporate suggestions made by MyFinanceX users.

Our Mission & Vision

Finally after 6 years of MyFinanceX, in 2014 we have decided to re-brand the system to something that reflects more to what the system offers and something that’s (hopefully) easier to remember, reach more audience, find and type in the browser’s URL bar - hence MyMoneyManaged was born. While MyMoneyManaged is essentially the same as MyFinanceX, much of its underlying code and structure has been changed. At least 70% of the codes have been rewritten from the ground up, databases have been restructured, and plenty of other things have been re-engineered and created to make sure MyMoneyManaged works even better than MyFinanceX. The result is a much leaner, faster, and powerful system. All things equal, MyMoneyManaged is more than 3 times faster than MyFinanceX.

Of course we won't stop here. We still have plenty of ideas to improvise MyMoneyManaged. But being a micro ISV company, our funds are really, really limited. Having said that, unless it comes to the point that we need to feed on our cat* just to stay alive, we promise you we won't close or shut down MyMoneyManaged. The reason is simple. We worked very hard to develop it, hundreds of thousands of money have been spent on it, thousands of users have been using it (many for more than 6 years), and we ourselves are very much using it on a daily basis. So again, no matter what happen, closing or shutting down MyMoneyManaged is not an option. Not for us. Ever.

So we really hope you, our beloved users to continue using MyMoneyManaged as often as possible, AND to promote MyMoneyManaged to your families and friends. In truth, the survivability of MyMoneyManaged in the long run depends on how many users and visitors it have. We aim to have 1 million members by the end of 2014, because we strongly believe when we have 1 million active members, we can get the proper funding we need in a blink of an eye, so that we can further grow MyMoneyManaged. Our dream and vision is to make MyMoneyManaged the most effective, simple & powerful personal money managing tool that will really help everyone, everywhere in the world in their quest to achieve a better financial future.

And if you have plenty of change to spare, you can donate to us. Click on the 'Buy Now' button below to make a donation to us using PayPal. Or if you prefer other method of donation, please let us know at admin -at- mymoneymanaged.com.

We are also looking for fundings to grow MyMoneyManaged. We have many great ideas on how we can improvise MyMoneyManaged, and we want to implement these ideas as soon as possible, but because of the limitations of our financial resources, we aren't able to grow MyMoneyManaged as fast as we hoped to. So if you (or you know anyone) want to be our investor, please do contact us at admin -at- mymoneymanaged.com. Being a startup and lean micro ISV company, our overheads are small, hence the funding amount that we need is much smaller compared to many other startups. If you think MyMoneyManaged is the next big thing (we really do), we would really love to have you as our investor.

*Disclaimer: We don't have any cat.