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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it really free to use MyMoneyManaged? No hidden fees/charges? Yes. MyMoneyManaged is developed to help people manage their finances for free. We couldn't charge you anything even if we want, because we don't have your credit card number or banking details, and we will NEVER ask for them. However if you thing we deserve some donations from you, you can always donate to us using PayPal. You can get more information on how to send donations to us by going here. The donation processed is managed by PayPal, hence we would never have your credit card or banking details. So how did you sustain the development and management cost of running MyMoneyManaged? MyMoneyManaged is privately funded. However, honestly speaking, the funding amount is barely enough for us to develop and maintain MyMoneyManaged; sometimes we at MyMoneyManaged have to work on other projects to support the cost of development and maintainance of MyMoneyManaged. So we really need your help and support to promote MyMoneyManaged to your families and friends. The more users we get, the easier is for us to get more funding to maintain and grow MyMoneyManaged. To get more details about this, we recommend you to visit our about us page. Why money jar (or money envelope?) The money jar (or money envelope) method is almost a universally accepted and possibly the oldest method of managing money; our great great grandparents used them, our parents used them, we uses them, and some of us even told our childs to use this method when we want to educate them on managing their money. And if you go to Canada or Brazil or Italy or Vietnam or Malaysia or anywhere else in the world and ask the people there if they have heard the method of managing money by separating them into jars or envelope, I'm very sure they all would tell you that they have heard or use this method (although some of them may use different terms). How long has MyMoneyManaged been around? MyMoneyManaged started as MyFinanceX. We have been around for more than 6 years. We started as a humble site using free CSS template, to a very powerful yet simple and effective money management site. How secure is all my data in MyMoneyManaged? Although we are not like online banking system and we don't store your banking details, we never take your security and privacy issues lightly. MyMoneyManaged uses SSL with almost the same standard that many online banking uses. All the data transaction between your computer or any device you use to our server is encrypted to ensure no one can see your data except you yourself. And MyMoneyManaged is hosted in one of the most reputable hosting company that's located in the United States. The data center on which MyMoneyManaged is hosted takes all measures to make sure the security and integrity of the sites they hosts is uncompromised. SSL will be available within the 2nd quarter of this year.

MyMoneyManaged Merchant Program

What is this MyMoneyManaged Merchant Program actually? MyMoneyManaged Merchants is an exciting program offered to you by MyMoneyManaged which can seamlessly integrate your spendings made at your favourite merchants all over the world. You can also directly receive any promotions or discounts specifically made for you. Will the merchants have access to my data? No. The only data that the merchants will have is the that they send to MyMoneyManaged server. The data, which originates from the merchant itself, may contain the details of your spendings at the merchant. One merchant WILL NEVER have access to data that comes from another merchants. How will the promotions/discounts/voucher from the merchants work? This is totally dependant on the merchants itself. They will determine the validity and the usage of the promotions/discounts/vouchers. What we provide is a just a mechanism that allows the merchants to easily make the vouchers accessible to their customers who use MyMoneyManaged. At the same time, they can tailor-made the promotions/discounts/vouchers for any specific customers. Will this mean the merchants can bombard my MyMoneyManaged account with promotions? NO. When they make a promotions/discounts/vouchers available to you, it will be shown only as a small banner or a short text which appear beside the expenses which the merchant submitted to you. The other place the promotions/discounts/vouchers will be displayed is at the My Merchant's page for the particular merchant. Besides you will have total control on which merchant you want to appear on your account.