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Getting Started

Setting up MyMoneyManaged to suit your need is easy.
The first thing that you should do when you logged into MyMoneyManaged the first time is setting up your MyMoneyManaged account to suit your financial need. Basically all you need to do is to enter your total income for that month, and make an allocation on how you're going to use your income according to the money jar method. That's it :). But it may not be too obvious for new users to do this; hence we have prepared a 'Getting Started?' feature that will be available right after you logged in to assist you.

After you logged in, you will be presented with a 'Getting Started?' feature on your dashboard, as illustrated above. Simply click on the 'Get Started Now!' button. Setting up your account using the 'Getting Started?' feature typically will take less than 3 minutes. The 'Getting Started?' feature will also explain to you the fundamentals of MyMoneyManaged.

Right after clicking the 'Get Started Now!' button, you will be redirected to a page that displays something like above. Just enter your income in the empty field and click 'Next'.

Step 1 would be hidden, and Step 2 would appear. In Step 2 you would need to enter the allocation for each money jar. There are altogether 6 jars here. Each jar serves different purposes. The purposes of these jars are described in the 'Description' section. The total for these 6 jars should be 100%. Basically everything in your MyMoneyManaged account will relate to these jars, as the allocations for these 6 jars would draw the path for your financial planning in MyMoneyManaged. For now, if you'd like, you can just use the default provided allocation. You can always change the allocation values later. Click 'Next' to save the allocation and go to the final step.

That's it. You don't need to do anything in Step 3. It's just there to inform you that you have successfully set up your MyMoneyManaged account. And as being described in Step 3, you can view the income you entered in step 1 or add any new income by going to My Income, and change the money jar allocation by going to Money Jar Allocations. You will also be able to get help with any part of MyMoneyManaged by hovering your mouse over any menu or submenu. A small pop-up containing brief information of the focused menu or sub menu will appear after 2 seconds, as displayed below.

Record your daily expenses

Takes only about 30 seconds daily
After entering your income, you should start entering your daily expenses. To do it, just click on the My Expenses menu at the top. You will be brought to a page which displays a calendar on the left, and plenty of empty fields on the center. Click on any date on the calendar on which you would like to enter the expenses. After that, start entering your expenses' description on the first field. Then on the second field, there will be a drop down on which you can select the category of the expenses you just entered. By default, there will be several categories you can choose from. To add/edit/remove any category, you can go to menu My Money Jar > My Categories.

Then enter the cost of the expenses, and from the another drop-down menu you can select how you paid for the expenses. The default is cash. You can add or edit your payment methods by going to My Expenses > My Payment Methods. Next, there are two checkboxes, settled? and tax -. Settled? is used to indicate that the bill for your credit card if you used credit card for any of your expenses have been settled. tax - means tax deduction. Should you made any spending's that is tax deductible, make sure to check this checkbox. After you have entered your spending details, scroll down and click at the 'Save My Expenses!' button. Your expenses will then be saved.
Please don't be daunted by the sheer amount of features and options that's available in MyMoneyManaged; when you have used MyMoneyManaged for a few days, you will find that MyMoneyManaged is actually very easy to use. While there are plenty of powerful and useful features available in MyMoneyManaged, the very basic of using MyMoneyManaged to manage your finances is just one thing - to record your daily expenses by going to the My Expenses page. Start from there, and slowly explore the other features of MyMoneyManaged. Don't worry. Not matter what you do, it won't break your MyMoneyManaged account :).