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Guides > Recording expenses, tracking expenses made using credit cards, recurring monthly expenses, income types & generating income chart

Recording your daily expenses

You can now enter the method of payment that you used for any particular expenses.
With MyMoneyManaged, you can indicate the type of payment method that you used for any expenses; while the default is cash, you can add payment methods by going to your My Payment Methods page. All newly created payment method will appear in the drop down menu when you are entering your daily expenses, as illustrated below:

Tracking expenses you made using your credit cards

As illustrated on the image above, you can see that there's a 'Settled?' column at the right of each expenses. If you set any expenses' payment method as using credit card, you can click on the checkbox to indicate that you have cleared the credit card's bill for the expenses. As long as you still have unsettled credit card bills, MyMoneyManaged will constantly display a reminder at the top of the page, as illustrated below:
When you clicked on the outstanding credit card bills reminder, you will be directed to your Credit Cards' Expenses page. Here you will be presented with all the spending you made using your credit cards. You can also mark any unsettled credit card bills here as settled.

Recurring Monthly Expenses

You can now enter whether your recurring monthly expenses is automated or not
Just set your recurring monthly expenses as Automatic or Manual when adding new recurring monthly expenses. For automatic recurring expenses, the expenses will automatically be inserted into your expenses record on the given date. But for manual recurring expenses, MyMoneyManaged will constantly remind you to make the payment, as illustrated below:

By clicking on the notification, you will be brought to a page where you can set the payment as cleared, as illustrated below:

Add New Income/Credit

You can now have several income types.
Income type is used to classify the source of your income; it's a useful feature for those who have multiple source of incomes. Too add/manage your income types, simply go to your Income Types page. To set the income type for new income/credit, when entering new income, make sure the Advanced Options checkbox is checked; then a new option will appear, one of them is Income Type. Simply select any income type from the drop down menu, as illustrated below:

You can also click on the green plus sign next to the income type drop down list to go to your Income Types page to add new income types.

Generate income chart
See how much you make by generating an income chart by going to Income Charts page. You can select the income types that should appear in the chart, and the duration you want to view. Image below illustrates a generated income chart.
That's it for now. We will be adding more guides to help you use MyMoneyManaged to it's full capability so that you can really manage your hard-earned money as effectively as possible. Other important things that you should know:
  1. You will have access to all the data (expenses, income, receipts etc) that you entered when you used MyFinanceX . You don't need to do anything about this. All your data have been migrated from MyFinanceX to MyMoneyManaged.
  2. Your MyFinanceX login will work with MyMoneyManaged. You can (and should) use the same e-mail address and password that you used to log into MyFinanceX to log into MyMoneyManaged.
  3. Repeating Monthly Income – if you have any income which you set to be automatically inserted every month in MyFinanceX, you will need to re-set it as repeating income again in MyMoneyManaged.
  4. Fixed Monthly Expenses – if you have set any expenses which you set to be automatically inserted on a particular date every month in MyFinanceX, you will need to re-set it as recurring expenses again in MyMoneyManaged.
  5. You will be automatically enrolled into our newsletter system. Our newsletter system will send at most only 1 e-mail per month. Should you want to opt out of the newsletter system, you can do so by going to your My Profile page.
  6. MyMoneyManaged's mobile is still under construction and we expect it to be available within the 2nd quarter of this year.