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Customize your own dashboard
display your financial info that you want
Budgeting based on the money jar method
set the allocation for each jars
based on the proven & time-tested method
Record daily expenses
record your expenses in the most simple way
Create real-time financial goals
create financial goals and see your progress towards the goal
according to your latest financial state
Track spending made using credit cards
Notification for unsettled credit card bills
Reminder to pay monthly recurring expenses
Generate monthly chart & report
Export saved expenses into excel
Generate customize-able and share-able report
Generate comparison chart
compare & contrast your spending from any categories from any duration of time
Generate performance chart
see your spending pattern from any categories from any duration of time
Generate payment method's comparison chart
generate chart to see your payment habit
View tax-deductible expenses according to year
easily see all the expenses you tagged as tax-deductible
Track the locations where you made your spending
Search your expenses
easily search all the expenses you have entered
Monthly money jar progress
easily see the state of each of your jars
Monthly money jar comparison
compare your current jar to previous months
View detailed info about your money jar
total allocation, used, balance, spending history all in 1 page
Generate income charts
compare your source of income easily
Upload receipts
Record your investments
record any kind of investments you may have in 1 place
Number of incomeunlimitedunlimited
Number of expenses' categories
categories your expenses according to your taste
Number of automatic & manual monthly recurring expenses10100
Number of payment methods
payment methods is used to track the way you pay your expenses
Create different income types
easily distinguish your source of income
Number of sub jars
create sub jars under your money jar
Number of reminders
create reminders to remind you of anything

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